How to set up your LG TV

Navigating a smart TV on the market today can get complicated, and LG smart TVs with webOS are no exception. As modern features are added to TVs, such as smart home controls, streaming services, and voice interaction, figuring out how to do the basics - like starting and running the TV or adjusting the image - become more complicated than ever. Below is How to set up your LG TV.

  1. Find the OK button

Near the center of the remote is a four-way directional pad with a clickable thumbwheel in its center. This is the primary way to navigate through menus and control everything on the screen. The first thing to do when powering on the TV is to click the OK button on the screen by tapping the clickable wheel (you'll also hear a voice prompt to do so). This will automatically pair the remote with the TV.

  1. Where in the world?

Next, you need to tell the TV where you are, what language you want to use, and what time zone you're in. It needs this data to generate automatic program instructions later. 

Don’t select the "Use this TV as Store Mode" option. That setting blurs colors and pushes brightness levels to the top, distorting the image (but making it look more appealing in stores). Here, you'll also be asked if you'd like to turn on the robotic audio guide prompts (most people turn them off).

  1. Connecting devices

Next, you will be asked to connect the devices. If your plugin and turn on devices like a Roku box, Apple TV, or game console like PlayStation 4, the TV will automatically recognize the appropriate inputs later in the setup process.

  1. Getting online

This is one of the most important settings for creating an Internet connection. Thankfully, you don't need to know much to connect to Wi-Fi on an LG TV. You should see the list of available networks it sees. 

Simply select your preferred Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the password when prompted to do so. If you have secured your network by not broadcasting its SSID, there is a hidden network option at the bottom of the list of available networks. 

Select that option to manually enter the Wi-Fi network name and then enter your password. (Note: Most LG sets also have an Ethernet port in case you want to create a wired connection.)

  1. Privacy choices

Terms and conditions agreements appear once you connect to your Wi-Fi network. You can simply agree to all of them or to just the first two for the basic services. Some owners may find some agreements quite intrusive, such as gathering information about all the shows and channels you and your family watch, how long you watch them, and what devices you've watched. 

LG uses that information to make recommendations about what to watch, among other things, but even if you don't choose, some of your viewing information will still be collected. There are similar options for using speech recognition information, shared with voice recovery company Nuance, ostensibly to improve the accuracy of speech recognition software. 

You should note that some features won't work unless you agree to specific terms and conditions, but LG will also give you the option to change your choice later.

  1. TV Source

The LG software will eventually scan all of the kit's connections to see what you've plugged into it. (If you didn't follow the instructions in step 3, don't worry. You can plug in your PlayStation or cable box now and turn everything on.) It will recognize most of the popular sources and will ask you how you watch TV (antenna, cable, satellite, etc.). 

On the next screen, enter your zip code, which will be used to generate local electronic program instructions and set your time zone.

  1. AI Functions

You will see an options screen to set up AI (artificial intelligence) functions. There is AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro; previously recognized objects such as faces and text to automatically sharpen some elements of the image; as you go on, adjust the sound so that the sound is more present or the brighter sound seems to come from the clear center of the screen.

  1. Scan for Channels

Depending on the source you use for the TV, the set will then scan all available channels. Selecting “Start” will initiate the scan. (Note: if you seem to lose some broadcast channels later by using the antenna, rescan).

  1. Done

The final display tells you you're done. If you select “Done,” you will jump to your live TV sources, whether that be your favorite antenna, cable, or streaming app. If you select LG Channels, which is a collection of free Internet streaming channels, you will be asked to agree to the LG Channels User Agreement (if you have not already done so). 

Final Thoughts

With all the software and apps, wired and Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice and motion-enabled remotes, it's easier to learn about your smart TV with step-by-step instructions on How to set up your LG TV. And that's what we've got for you, with illustrated guides that will guide you through solving the most common problems with your LG smart TV.

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