How to replace your Roku TV remote

Knowing how to replace your Roku TV remote can greatly improve your Roku smart TV experience. You might think you're limited to the features offered at the time you buy your Roku device, but that's not entirely true. Some of the more advanced features available on the best Roku TVs and best Roku devices are supported by lower-end hardware, even if these functions aren't built-in. Pairing your new remote with your TV or Roku device is a quick and simple process.

Pair your Roku Voice Remote Pro

It's a great way to get a slightly different selection of dedicated app buttons. Older Roku remotes will include buttons for services like Vudu and Roku Channels, which may not be channels you use often or especially want a shortcut button on. 

The latest Roku Voice Remote Pro has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Sling TV. That might just give you shortcuts to a new app or two, but the convenience of those programmed buttons is pretty awesome and this seems to be the only option to change them. 

Even better, Roku Voice Remote Pro has two customizable buttons, allowing you to set one-button shortcuts for apps of your choice. 

Roku Voice Remote Pro has a lot of built-in features, including hands-free voice search, push-to-talk voice search, personalized shortcut buttons, a built-in locator to find the remote when lost, a headphone jack for private listening, and a rechargeable battery that keeps your remote powered for months on a single charge. 

This feature list includes many functions that are limited to the highest-end Roku models but can be easily added to older and cheaper models with relative ease. Before pairing your new remote with your Roku TV, you'll want to make sure it's charged. 

The Roku Voice Remote Pro comes with a charging cable, and you can even use the TV's built-in USB ports to top up the rechargeable battery. Once charged, you'll be able to use the remote for months before it requires another charging session.

1. Open the settings menu: Press and hold the home button on your current remote. You can also use the Roku app, which has remote control functionality. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to open the Settings Menu.

2. Select the remote control. In the setup app, select the "Select Remote" option to start pairing a new remote.

3. Use the pairing button on the new remote control. On the back of the Roku Voice Remote Pro is a small button. Press and hold it for 5 seconds, until the status light flashes green. The TV and remote control will automatically complete the pairing process. Wait for the remote to update.

4. Review information about new features. Learn about Fast TV Start, which allows new features to be added. With your new Roku Voice Remote Pro, you can now enjoy the kind of hands-free voice control and extra features normally limited to high-end TVs.

Final Thoughts

The easy solution of How to Replace your Roku TV Remote is to upgrade your remote. Roku Voice Remote Pro is the best remote available for Roku devices, and it offers the best features Roku has to offer, like hands-free control, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and private listening. With remotes on sale for under $30, it's one of the most affordable TV upgrades you can get.

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