How to install and remove Sony TV apps

There are many Sony Android TV apps available from the Google Play library. So whether you want to enjoy an HBO Max or Disney Plus subscription, watch free shows with Pluto, or hop on a cable-cutting wagon with Sling, you'll find nearly every service you need on your set. But when you've watched all of the best Netflix shows (an impressive feat), or realized any of the best cable TV alternatives aren't for you, you may be wondering how to unpack your Sony TV apps. Here are all of the steps of how to install and remove Sony TV apps.

To install the Sony Smart TV app or the Sony Android TV app, you need to connect your device to Wi-Fi and power it on first. See our guide on setting up Sony Android TV if you need assistance.

1. Select Apps or red-tiled icon on your home screen.

2. Select any popular apps you see on the pop-up menu or select Get more apps. When you select Get more apps, it will take you to the Google Play store.

3. Choose from any app you see in the Google Play store. Your TV has divided apps into pre-selected categories based on genres and recommendations.

4. Select search or the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific application. You can speak or type to search.

5. Click the icon of the application you want to install.

6. Select Settings on the application's listing page. Installing the app will take a few seconds to a minute on your TV. Then select Open.

Clean up your Sony TV, uninstall apps

If you're looking to uninstall Sony TV apps to clean up your interface or get rid of unused services, follow the steps below. Consider signing out of your account before deleting Sony TV apps, and remember that uninstalling an app doesn't end a paid membership. To uninstall an app, follow the steps above to access the listing page of the app in the Google Play store.

1. Select Uninstall.

2. Confirm you want to uninstall the Sony TV app.

Final Thoughts

Learning How to install and remove Sony TV apps is key to getting the most out of your smart TV experience. With a variety of Sony smart TV apps to choose from, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the process of downloading and deleting apps. Through this article, we hope that you have already know How to install and remove Sony TV apps.

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