How to add USB storage to a Roku TV

Whether you have an old or even new TCL Roku TV, you can add a little premium functionality for free. By plugging a USB drive into one of your TV's built-in USB ports, you can add the ability to pause and rewind live TV, allowing you to rewind up to 90 minutes of live TV. And you don't even need one of the best Roku TVs to do that, as all models offer this capability. Here's everything you need to know about How to add USB storage to a Roku TV.

Before you start

If you want to add storage and pause live TV to your Roku smart TV, you'll need the following:

  • Smart TV Roku

  • Direct TV input (Antenna or cable)

  • Roku TV remote (or connected smartphone Roku app)

  • USB 2.0 compatible flash drive, 16GB or larger

You also want to make sure that the flash drive doesn't have any important files on it or that you backed up those files elsewhere. Live TV pause function requires reformatting the drive. While your driver will still be used as storage if you unplug it, you'll lose any files previously stored on it.

How to add USB storage to a Roku TV

1. Locate one of the USB ports: you should find one or more USB ports on the back or side of your Roku TV. There can be more than one USB slot, but any port will work. You need to make sure no other USB drives are connected to the TV during setup.

2. Plug the USB drive into the USB port.

3. Enable Pause Live TV: On the Roku home screen, tick the live TV input. Instead of selecting live TV, press the start button to open the options menu. Click "Set Up Pause Live TV". Then, you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Reformat the attached USB Drive: There are several steps to solving this problem, including entering a PIN number to approve the reformat. This is not a security check but a confirmation so you don't accidentally reformat the drive that has valuable files on it. 

If your drive is ready to be reformatted, you can find the confirmation code just below the keyboard prompt on the screen. After you use the confirmation code, the USB drive will begin to reformat. Once the drive is formatted, you'll be able to pause live TV.

5. Get used to pausing live TV: After enabling pause live TV, you'll be able to pause live TV using the play/pause button on your Roku remote. Once paused, you can rewind through the paused content using the media playback controls on your Roku remote. 

With up to 90 minutes of paused TV saved to the drive - although only caching to pause, there is no way to pull saved video from USB storage - you can pause a show and come back with enough time saved to skip ads. To disable pause live TV, simply unplug the USB drive.

Final Thoughts

Above are our instructions about How to add USB storage to a Roku TV. Hopefully, through this article, you can perform the above simple operations yourself and have the best user experience. If you have any questions about the way to add USB storage to a Roku TV, comment below so we can assist you.

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